Екатерина Фомина (katya_katerinka) wrote in tourist_guides,
Екатерина Фомина

MOSCOW tours

Hello people!
My name is Kate, I'm an accredited guide-interpreter. If you're going to visit MOSCOW - welcome! The following excursions are available: 
- the Kremlin (the ancient fortress where Moscow began)
- the Armoury chamber (the collection of tsars' treasures)
- the Diamond fund (the collection of diamonds. gold and the best jewelery)
- city tour by car (visiting most interesting places, such as Red Square, the Kremlin Embankment, Moscow panorama and others; the tour is by Ford Expedition or Toyota Land Cruiser Prado)
- the Tretyakov gallery (the collection of the Russian art 14-19 cc.)
- the Pushkin museum (the collection of Egyptian and European art)

...and many others!

If you are interested, my mobile is +79037763175. E-mail: ekaterina.fomina @ gmail.com.

See you!
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